Pregnancy After 7 years.

How i Conquered Infertility After 7 years.

Infertility simply put,is the inability to achieve pregnancy by two sexually active male and female who strongly desire to have children and are actively engaged in timely or regular unprotected sex for a period of one year or more. This may be due the inability of one or both patners to contribute to conception.

Infertility may be primary or secondary .

Primary Infertility

This is when a couple have failed to achieve pregnancy or a live birth between six months to one year of having regular sex without any form of contraceptive or protection.

Secondary Infertility

This is when a couple who have had a live birth now finds it difficult or unable to achieve a live birth again after six mnths to one year of trying to concieve without using any contraceptive and are actively engaged in regular unprotected sex.

There are many reasons and factors leadng to infertility which can be grouped as follows.

1. Medical factors

2. Male infertility factors

3. Stress

4. Genetical factors.

5. Maternal age.

6. Risky lifestyle.

My story

I got pregnant about 3 months after m wedding and as every newly wed would be,we were very excited to be welcoming our first baby but this joy was cut short because i had a still birth and was never opportuned to hold my baby.

After about 18 months,we finally had the priviledge of holding our very own baby.

Our joy knew no bound and we thanked God for that miracle.

My third pregnancy came three years later but this time,it wasn’t so good an experience because i battled between life and death during the birthing period which led to another still birth after going through a C-section to what the doctors called placenta abruptio.

After i had recovered fully, i started trying to get pregnant again. This time it didn’t happen so easily like the other ones. And that started my battle with secondary infertility.

I tried so many medications,approaches and treatment but to no avail.

I didnt give up but continued to reeaech and look for ways to get results.

We spent lots of money in the hospitals and other procedures.

A lot of medical tests were done and nothing too serious was found. I waited for 7 years and finally God showed up for us in a most amazing way .

I fell pregnant again

folloing some natural routine and a simple prescription that God brought my way that is very affordable and easy to follow..with 50k!

I had my son and the agony of 7 years waiting was erased and forgotten.

You may have been waiting and think there is no more solution for you,but i am willing to show you that simple routine and prescription that worked for me. Pray and believe God that he will also come through for you.

If you are interested in ending your waiting and search for an effective way of getting pregnant,lets chat on watsapp ….08095763226.

Have you had the waiting experience before?

How and what helped you through it?

Kindly share your experiences and lets encourage others.

God bless you and never keep trusting him for your miracle babies today.



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