10 Ways To Help You Look Fit And Healthy As A Woman At And After Middle Age.

During childhood years,most young girls adopted different lifestyles ,the good,not so good and the bad ones which are very injurious to our health.

Most women carried on with such lifestyles even into adulthood without knowing their health implications and hazards.
Hence, it is necessary say from 40 up to 65 years of age to have a total life style transformation in order to keep healthy and live longer.

Also at this age,moderation is key in whatever one does. It is important not to over indulge in any thing.

Any man or woman who after 40 still consumes alcohol or indulges freely in all the things he or she did during the youthful age, does not understand that the body is no more the same as it used to be and needs proper care.

Untimely deaths and so many life threathening health conditions like stroke, erectile dysfunction issues, heart problems, etc, that occur amongst middle age people today, can be avoided if people of this age group will just embark on a life style transformation.

I have seen friends, neighbours and relatives who like me are middle agers but suffer like old men, die untimely, play with so much Viagra because of erectile problem. This ought not to be, life style change is the answer.

At middle age a lot of changes takes place in us, leaving us not as strong as we use to be before, therefore we can’t put unnecessary pressures that only youthful bodies can take, on our aging bodies.

Some of the lifestyle changes to embark on include…

Ditch the drinks

It is wise to go low on alcohol consumption as we approach 40. If you can’t ditch the bottles,drink moderately and go more for healthier drinks like red wine,smoothies,fruit juices and of course water.

Excercise/Muscle up

Ensure that you are consistent in doing your routine exercises because at the age of forty and above the organs of a human being will need some aiding to properly function well through exercising.

Also begin to incoperate some form of strenght training in your daily workout routine. This is important because humans especially women loose a percentage of their muscle mass yearly which can be balanced up by incoperating resistance training,weight bearing and cardiovascular exercises into or daily routine. This may not neccessarily be in a gym if you can’t afford the time and cost,find aa way around it in the comfort of your home.

I usually do some weight training at least twice a week in my home by lifting some weights. I had a handy man construct 2 weights of about 20kg each which has a hole on the center for me using cement and sand. So i put an iron rod in the center hole on each and lift.

Be active and quit sedentary lifestyle

Doing regular physical activity, helps in maintaining a healthy weight,keeps the heart pumping well and healthy.

Walk more than driving,stand up most often even at work and do some stretches this helps keeps the joints and body flexible. Always find a way of being active even if your work involves sitting.

Be motivated and positive about healthy living.

Always think of your gains and create a positive mental picture of how healthy and fit you want to be,how reducing stress levels, maintaining a healthy weight and eating a healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables and polyunsaturated fats all “help keep our blood vessels healthy,” Jackson said. “And that keeps our heart healthy, that keeps our brains healthy, and it really helps us prevent that waistline increasing. An investment in healthy lifestyle will pay off through every subsequent decade,” she said.

Eating time and Eating right.

Late dinners are not healthy at all and should be reduced to 7pm, because anything taken after 8pm remains in the body as poison to the system . Ice cold water, lots of salt, should be avoided. Load up on nutrient dense foods like lean meat and high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Take adequate fluids too to stay hydrated.

At this age 40,the whole digestive system begins to slow as we age, so fiber is very important. Consuming fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fruit, and vegetables becomes a necessity and not a choice because they will help you feel more energetic,aids digestion and give you fuel to keep going.

Medical Checks and your vital numbers.

The importance of regular medical check up and knowing your vital signs, state and numbers can’ t be neglected.

Your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar numbers should be monitored and ensure they are within normal range.

Infact it is necessary for women to do monthly breast examination immediately after their menstrual cycle.

I at least once a year or as directed by the doctor.

Prostrate cancer test too is adviceable for the men.

Thyroid check

This test is also important for people who feel worn out, and are gaining weight and whose hair and skin have lost their luster. This neck gland helps control energy levels and regulates hormones, and 40 is a time “when thyroid disease can show its face,” Fryhofer said.

There is a test can determine if your thyroid is functioning as it should, she said. An underactive thyroid is primarily results from genetic condition causes, but you can stave off its complications with prescription medications, Fryhofer said.

Be deliberate and intentional about living healthy

Yes you can agree with me that so many women of middle age often are saddled with so many responsibilities that they tend to loose themselves while caring for others.

But actually, that is the stage when we don’t have to think of every other person and leave ourselves unattended to, think of yourself more now and be deliberate to search out ways on how to be more healthier and fit because you need you to stay well.

Be sure your sight is sound.

Our vision is another important part that is greatly affected as we age.

From age 40, vision problems can start to worsen, so have your eyes checked out. If you don’t have reading glasses and you can’t read the fine print, you might miss some important information,so get reading glasses if need be.

Sun glasses with UV-A and UV-B are highly recommeded for protection against sun exposure which increases the risk of cataracts.

Remember the consequences of not living healthy

When we neglect to live heathy and taje care of ourselves early enough before midlife sets in,we are bound to suffer the consequences.

After the age of 50 one may experience many types of illnesses. But the one I am most worried about is Alzheimer’s. Not only would one not be able to look after his or herself, but it would put so many people on the spot and cause a lot of inconvenience to family members.

Though the tongue exercise seems to be helpful and effective to reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s and is also useful to reduce/improve other health conditions such as

*1* Body weight
*2* Hypertension
*3* Blood-Clot in Brain
*4* Asthma
*5* Far-sightedness
*6* Ear buzzing
*7* Throat infection
*8* Shoulder / Neck infection
*9* Insomnia
but it is better to prevent it by all means than to experience it.

The Tongue Exercise

The moves are very simple and easy to learn. Each morning, when you wash your face, in front of a mirror, do the exercise as below:
*stretch out your tongue and move it to the right then to the left for 10 times*
If this is done daily, there will be lots of improvement in the Brain Retention,mind and
other improvements too like,
1 Far sightedness
2 No giddiness
3. Improved wellness
4. Better digestion
5. Lesser flu / cold issues.
The tongue exercise helps to control and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Medical research has found that the tongue has connection with the BIG Brain. When our body becomes old and weak, the first sign to appear is that our tongue becomes stiff and often we tend to bite ourselves.
Frequently exercising your tongue will stimulate the brain, help to reduce our thoughts from shrinking and thus achieve a healthier body.

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