The Unfolding Stories Concerning Aju Mbaise.

How i got to know the herbs

In April 2013 to be precise,i was working in Owerri Imo state when i had a miscarriage . It was actually a trying moment for me.

I had been trying to concieve for almost 7 years before that pregnancy came and only to miscarry at about 8 weeks.

I travelled to see my doctor who was in another city where my family was, to run some tests and checks on me . After the checks and examination,i returned back to Owerri after 2 weeks to resume work.

One morning while at work, one of our cleaners,an elderly woman called me out and enquired about my health and adviced me to meet one of our scientist who is from Mbaise town to help me get the “Wonder herbs” . I didn’t understand what the herbs is all about and she meant until she explained to me that there was a particular herbs that is prepared for those who just delivered,miscarried or aborted. She explained that i should take it to cleanse my womb so that i can take in fast again.

That was my first time of hearing about the herbs.

My experiences

I did just what she told me and after 6 months,i took in again and had my son in 2014. Immediately,yours truly ordered for the Aju Mbaise as much as i can get and was taking it as pepper soup with enough fish,meat,snails and sometimes with little swallow through out my period of confinement which is called OMUGWO in Ibo culture.

The effects of the herbs were obvious , i was able to go back to my prenatal body in good time and many of my friends wondered and asked what the secret was.

I told them about the herbs and quite a few decided to give it a try and so they begged me to get it for them. I got for them and their friends too. This then became my journey into merchandising this powerful herbs as tnose that used it kept telling others about it.

Some time in 2017, i made a casual post about how my friends have turned me into Aju Mbaise merchandiser in one of the womens grpup on facebook and women became interested and curious to know more about it and how it can be used. I got many messages in my facebook inbox from women who needed to know more about it and to get the herbs. So in order to handle their questions i had to create a watsapp group where i teach, and show them how to take care of themselves .

Last year some women bought the herbs for various gyneacological reasons. Then the demand for the herbs was not high ,infact it was not really known. Hence i decided to make a post about it on my blog and gradually the message of the goodness of this wonder herbs and its efficacy began to spread.

Those that bought from last year began to spread the good news to others. Aju Mbaise started making the head lines on every women group on facebook and others.

I remembered waking up one morning to see about 20 messages in my inbox requesting to know about the herbs.

Taking a critical look at what has happened and how this herbs has gained popularity over the past few months,i can say that its no longer news that women has come to embrace the awesomeness of its uses in various ways,like prenatal care,post natal care,treatment of some gyneacological problems and most especially in weight loss and fat reduction processes.

In my research lately,i have discocered that Aju mbaise accompanied with other fat burning receipes which i have packaged together will drastically aid weight loss and this was against the initial belief that the herbs is used for only for prenatal and gyneacological purposes.

Aju Mbaise Before And Now.

Before now,Aju Mbaise is commonly seen in all the markets in Mbaise,Owerri and its environs without stress or difficulties and sold at about #50 – #70 per wrap at a wholesale price within the Mbaise and Owerri markets but today the case is not the same. It is hardly sought after or in high demand . Only women who just delivered or having issues with conception do go for it.

Today, it is now very difficult to see around in our local markets again as vendors from east,north,west and south and across the globe demand for it. People from Ghana,South Africa,Italy and even U.S.A are demanding for it . This is going to pose a great deal of problem because if the demand becomes higher than the supply,scarcity will set in and other problems too.

Just last week,my supplier was lamenting on how difficult it has been to get it and the problems they are facing right now to get the herbs from the farms and bushes. Some of the women were beheaded in the process and hence women are afraid to go get it. This got me thinking and i began to wonder what will then happen in the next few years when every country and nation have come to know and embrace the goodness of this herbs.

There may come a time when it will be difficult to see the herbs around and if one sees,the price will be too exorbitant and people may result to selling any thing in the name of Aju.

Now a wrap of Aju goes for #300 – #700 depending on location as against 100 – 200 last year.

I am afraid and advice that whoever that is buying should ascertain the authenticity of it and know who you are buying from. I have tried to make sure i maintain the very supplier who i was buying from since 2015 when i first used it.

Amazing testimonies has been rolling in from my clients and everyone that have used it for any reason.

One of the most striking testimonies was from one of my friends sister whose wedding plans was on hold because her menses ceased for almost a year and has visited hospitals and taken drugs but all to no avail.

She bought the herbs and before 2 months,her menses was restored and normalized .


Another one was from a woman who has been trying to concieve,she bought it and after the first day she took it,she noticed all the stale blood comming out in clots . So many testimonies have been recorded.

Let me hear from you if you have taken the herbs before,what are your experiences?

Do you have any question,leave them in the comments or lets chat on watsapp




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