The Wonder Herbs Aju Mbaise Part 2

From the last post,i mentioned what this herbs is for and who can use it.

Today i will be sharing with us,more on this herbs .

Aju Mbaise aids in weight reduction. Many people has been decieved to agree that it is used for weight loss alone, and all that. It is not basically used for weight reduction purposes but my research over the past year has shown that many women who took it for the purpose of redicing their post natal belly fat also experienced general body weight loss. Hence the herbs aids in weight reduction with other herbs and roots.

It has also been recorded that most people who started taking the herbs found it suppresses hunger pangs and help them control their food in take.

Secondly,it only reduces the tummy after childbirth helping the woman get back her prenatal body and enhances lactation too.

It is not an anti inflamentory or antibiotic for infection. It is adviceable to go for a proper swab test for infection and get it treated which will now help in facilitating faster conception.

Any pregnant woman should not take it but should do that immediately she delivers.

Have you taken this herbs before?

What were your experiences? Please kindly share.

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The wonder Herbs ” Aju Mbaise”

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