The veil is off.

The easter celebration is a moment of sober reflection on what Jesus did for us on the cross of Calvary.It is one of the most important celebration in Christiandom which forms the basis of christianity because it establishes Jesus Christ as the supreme saviour and son of God

It a time that every christian should take stock of his/her life and make adequate and neccessary changes to ensure that his life is Christ like.

Indeed easter period is a period when our claim as christians is being validated because without the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ,our hope is in vain.

Man sinned and fell short of the glory of God,in the old testament before Christ came,the blood of animals,…bulls,goats and others was used in the atonement of our sins by the high priests who goes into the holy of holies to offer the sacrifices of atonement to God unbehalf of the people.

The people could not go into the terbanacle to ask for mercy. But Christ came and all those laws and practices were abolished.

The sacrifices of Christ gave us everlasting Grace and joy that we can now aproach the throne of grace boldly without any blood of ram or bull for atonement but only by our fath in him.

The veil covering the holy of holies has been torn apart and hence we have the access to salvation without reservation if only we believe.

We are now free in him.

Blameless and spotless because he has washed all our sins and mistakes away.

We have direct access to God the father through his son Jesus Christ….Halleluijah!

Christ is risen

He is alive because death couldn’t hold him captive.

And so are all those who believe in him and the redemption work on Calvary.

What are you thoughts on easter celebration?

How is easter celebrated in your local church and community?

Kindly share your views with us.



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