The wonder Herbs ” Aju Mbaise”

Health is wealth as the saying goes. It is a healthy body,mind and soul that actually make wealth.

Today am going to be sharing with us about a particular wonder herb that God has blessed us with which has been used over the years by women to take care of their gynaecological issues.

Women are faced with lots of gynaecological health issues right from the time puberty sets in through their child bearing age. These could range from menstrual irregularities and complications,ovulation pains,delay in conception,pregnancy , complications and post natal issues.

These cases most time could result to more complicated ones if not properly handled. For instance,menstrual complications like heavy/scanty flow,could be so disturbing and lead to infertility. So it is pertinent that the right and adequate attention should be given to such.


These herbs is gotten from a town called Mbaise,in the city of Owerri in IMO state Nigeria. It is made up up of leaves and bark of trees all wrapped together and tied to avoid loosening,hence the meaning of the name.Aju means wrapped.It is commonly marketed by aged women who have tested and can prove the
efficacy of the herbs.

The English and botanical name is not ascertained for now but I the next post I will try to update on the various names.

Who Can Use the Herbs?
These herbs are usually taken by women especially those who just put to bed. It helps to detoxify, cleanse and sanitise the womb after delivery.

It gets rid of the stale and bad blood in the womb,the excess water and every post natal substances that may be left hence allowing the stomach to return to its normal size in good time.

It also helps the woman’s cycle to normalize and ready for conception and hence very recommendable fot TTC women.

A woman who just miscarried or had an abortion can take it too.

Heavy/Scanty/painful menstrual flow are most gyneacological issues that can be checked and normalised using this herbs and even in the cases where there has not been menses too.

It is also used by those going through anovulation or infertility. It enhances ovulation and hence fertility.

Aju Mbaise is a wonderful gift from God to women folk.

Watch out for the preparations in the next post.

If you want the herbs or to know everything about it please

indicate in the comment.

Note: Be careful who you are buying and what you are getting ,any leaf can be wrapped and call ” Aju Mbaise”.

There is also an instructional video to show you how to prepare it.

If you need the video, kindly indicate in the comment box.

If you are interested in weight loss,also leave a comment.

Though recently many of my clients have testified to the weight reduction and hunger suppressing power of this wonder herbs.

Here are few testimonies .

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    • If you don’t know you may be deceived.
      Research and stick to a vendor who know the nitty gritty of the herbs and can provide you with all necessary information.

      Like my supplier has been supplying me since 2015 I had my baby and my clients has been having amazing results.
      So anytime she sends something different, I must sure ask questions.

      Someone on YouTube used Utazi leaves as Aju.

      Hope this helps?

      Good luck.

      Aju must be wrapped leaves with the bark.

    • When you order,the preparations will be given. Though depending on your intentions and what you are using it for!

  1. Can I use aju mbaise while menstruating and how can I get it? I have been TTC for six years. Also the prescription of usage.

    • Hello Ayo.
      Yes you can.
      I do sell and will let you know all about it and some things that will help you.
      Chat me up on watsapp.

    • Hello Ayo.
      Yes it is best used when your period starts.
      I do send out if out order.
      We can chat better on watsapp….08095763226

    • Hi Chinyere.
      Absolutely! It corrects ovulation problems and boosts your ovulation mucus especially with the ovulation booster .

  2. I want to reduce my tommy and body fat…i base in lagos so how do i get the original one and how much is it


  3. Hi am Grace from Zambia and am interested in the aju mbaise but I fear of buying the fake friend bought it and it worked for her but I can’t tell the real from the fake one

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