A Letter to The Girl Next Door who is stuck and about to throw in The Towel.

Shit and stuffs happen to everybody..Things that weigh one down that the next thing on the mind is to end it all or quit the fight.

Stones,thorns and lemons thrown on our various paths to success but you see not all can handle them.

Not all can pick up the stones and turn them into stepping stones or into a weapon against their adversaries like David did to Goliath.

Yes! Not all can take the lemons and turned them into lemonades.

Again ,not everyone can see the roses without being pierced by the thorns. Hence we need to encourage and uplift someone out there.

The results of hopelessness
People who see no hope can feel frustrated, discouraged, heartsick, anxious, stressed and angry. As a person is beaten down further and hope ebbs away, this may turn into giving up, listlessness, lifelessness—just going through the motions, more like an automaton than a human being with free will, self-determination and great potential. These characteristics that reflect our humanity can be buried under the avalanche of hopelessness.
Hopelessness sucks the life and resilience out of us.

So I chose to write to…

That girl /guy next door who thinks and feels hopeless, depressed ,confused, stuck with life and about to throw in the towel.


Hey girl,

Why do you look so dejected and forlorn like a wrecked ship? Why are you downcast and look hopeless like there’s no hope for tomorrow?

“Oh only if you know how I feel and what I’ve been through”.. you say?

I know how you feel girl and never think I don’t understand.
I know you’ve been through alot and it seems you’re at the end of the road right now thinking everything has all gone against you huh?

But must you sit and suck and and always feel you’re on a downward spiral without looking for a solution?

I just want to tell you my mind and I hope you get value and see reasons why you shouldn’t give up and just hang in there.

Is that the best you can do for yourself?

Sitting and wallowing in self pity and maybe even waiting for people to come throw a pity party for you?

Hey ! Wake up girl and sit right up,dust yourself and listen up.

I am not going to tell you its ok or that there is a quick fix just yet,but I want to help you and let you know the real fact of life.

I will just have to let you know that there is more to life dear than what you are going through now and to let you know that It will sure get better if you will be willing to do your bid.

“Do you even know how it feels to go through all these?”,you said again?

Yes i know because I have been there,so many out there who you think have it all have been there too.

Everyone has their stories and share of their bitter pills, but what really matters is how they took the problems and conquered and you too can,if you will permit yourself to do the needful.

So dear girl, you have to change your mindset and erase the thought of ” only if you have a big head up there,life would have been far more better than it is” .
The hardest truth remains that truly no one, cares more about you but ” You”. No one even cares if you fail. You are the main architect of your life.

So are you wiling to care for you and change your story?

Do you know you are more than enough to make that change,and be who you want to be?

Do you know you can change your life and that of others too? Yes you!..so common girl and get the heck out of that cage and liberate yourself, its high time to reinvent and reevaluate yourself.

How do you start,you may ask? Hang in there and read through to the end.

First you may need to embark on a journey of self discovery,search deep into yourself and discover who you are and what defines you.

You need to know what are your likes,dislikes,strengths and weaknesses.

Discover what you love doing,what makes you happy and gives you positive energy and build on those,do more of them,improve on them if need be and hey!there may just lie your keys to a new you,that amazing life of your dream.

Again,what do you want out of life?
Have you made your demand yet?.
You see many people today who get stuck on life, get confused and drowned in the well of tear and pity,atr those who are still caged by the grip of confusion and indecision on what to demand from life.

When you clearly know what you want in life,and who want to become,getting it won’t be difficult. The rest is dependent on how and what you do to get it.
Your will power put into action plus your resolute determination to achieve it against all odds.

Remember, it may not just be a walk in the pack,it will require your sacrifice ,dedication, will to succeed,Patience and time.

There are going to be obstacles and hurdles as you journey and grind your way to success but I tell you girl that they are worth every bit of the troubles and so the giant in you had to be awaken to help you push through. !

You will be discouraged,laughed at,talked dawn on but I tell you one thing, if anyone says you can’t, you just have to turn around and do it anyway.

You are the sole captain of your life’s sail,the only driver on that journey and the one pilot of the flight of your life.
So brace up my dear and take charge of it damning all excuses and never wait for anyone’s validation.

If you are for any reason denied a job,hey! go start your own business and make the rules on how much you earn,be your own boss and live your life based on your own terms.

“Hmmm! Is it that easy?.. you wonder right?… “What if i do not know what business to venture into? ”

Find your passion and build a business around it and monetize it. It will take time though,but with determination, consistency and smart work you will laugh at last.

Here are some steps you may need to know:

Everyone has equal opportunity to succeed and you inclusive. You have all it takes to be great and so always believe in yourself and know that your opinion counts and it will help you grow and be innovative.

Trust your judgements and don’t allow yourself to be quited down,that does not mean you shouldn’t take advice rather be humble enough to be corrected,make neccessary adjustments where needed and move on.

Do not neglect the power of mentorship, get one and learn from those who have succeeded or are successful in your line of business and never hang around those who do not add value to you. Life is too short to be wasted.

Be confident and believe in yourself always. Don’t be intimidated and always know you have more than enough in you to change the world.

Do not settle for less,dream big and be not afraid to demand big from life and always stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

Challenge the status quo and never take a no for an answer from “you” or people around you.

Having your dream life isn’t easy and it doesn’t just happen or achieved by watching movies,hanging out with your cutie Boo boo, idling away your time in gossips,or mindlessly surfing the net for stories or saying hi ,it is a function of your input to it.

Do you know you can as well leverage on the internet to connect,build,grow and expand your business and your knowledge?

Don’t ever think anyone was borne successful or luck is it,no,you and you alone determines what happens to you and how you apply what you have learnt to become a better you.

Do not sit and wish,read,pray and hoping its going to be any better but its all about doing,failing,improving and redoing.

Do not envy those who have made it because you don’t know their own stories,they have paid their price.

So put your dreams and goals down and make sure that they are yours and not another’s and it must be important enough to keep you awake at night and for you to make sure its actualised.

Now what happens to you after this letter is up to you,because I know I have said enough.

You may discard it and forge ahead in your sorry state or you can let it be a wake up call to set you on fire to begin the journey to success that will change your life.

So my dear, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past,its high time you take the bulls by the horns,a time to draw a line in the sand and say goodbye to your past and begin to live in the present with all I have told you.

So quit the pity party girl,the sucking,finger pointing,complaints, validation and ditch all the excuses and begin to take charge of your life now.

Its not going to happen in a jiffy, but focus on one particular area,take it one step at a time,trusting God and you will sure Win.

Waiting to read your success story and yes!
Cheers! Cheers !! Cheers!!! to your success.


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